Greater Toronto Area BSD Users Group
Gee Tee Ay Bug eh? Tell me more.

GTABUG is a group of folks in the Toronto area that dig the BSD Unix family of computer operating systems. We're loosely knit, and most of the time use nerdy computer language as an excuse to eat pizza and drink beer. The meetings are on the 3rd Wednesday of each month and usually start around 7 o'clock. For the past number of years we've been meeting at Olympic 76 Pizza, 8A Gloucester Street, Toronto. There's a list of proposed meeting dates below but (just our little secret) these are generated by a computer, so there is always the chance they may be wrong. Or, we may cancel the meeting for other reason. Could even be lack of interest, err, lack of people planning to attend. Whatever. Just to be safe, you should sign up for the mailing list as this page may not always be updated in time for the meetings.

  • April 15, 2015
  • May 20, 2015
  • June 17, 2015

So, what do we do at the meetings? Anything... all get-togethers are very informal; everyone chips in on the pizza and we just let the conversation flow. Have a technical issue? Chances are very good that someone else has tinkered with the same thing and would love to gab about it.

Great, so what the heck is this BSD stuff?

A lot of people around the world use an operating system from Redmond, USA. It costs money, can be a pain in the butt and has a low "geek factor". BSD is a free operating system with a rich history spanning three decades, thousands of free applications ready to run, and a diverse and mature community. BSD (originally: Berkeley Software Distribution) refers to the version of the Unix operating system that was developed at and distributed from the University of California at Berkeley.

And in fact there is more than one BSD out there...

  • FreeBSD - Built to run very well on x86 hardware, possibly the most "user friendly" version of the family. Large support community and an easy install process.
  • NetBSD - NetBSD's focus is to have a clean implementation and to run on as many things as possible from Playstations, to Toasters...
  • OpenBSD - Security is the name of the game for OpenBSD and, with a through audit of every line of code there hasn't been a remote root exploit in "quite some time".
  • Mac OS X (from that big fruity computer company) is built on top of "Darwin", which is a merger of FreeBSD and something very geeky called Mach, about which the less said the better.

There are also many smaller distributions based upon one of the above (in alphabetical order):

  • BSDAnywhere is a live CD based on OpenBSD.
  • DesktopBSD is another relative newcomer based on FreeBSD using KDE as their GUI.
  • DragonFly BSD A relative newcomer to the BSD family, DragonFly is a continuation of the otherwise-defunct FreeBSD 4.x family.
  • OliveBSd was an OpenBSD live (hence "OLiveBSD") CD based on OpenBSD; this project has not been updated in a long time.
  • PC-BSD is another relative newcomer based on FreeBSD using KDE as their GUI.

Read more about BSD on WikiPedia and see also their Comparison of BSD operating systems.

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Familiar Faces

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